Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Wow! I can't believe it's 2012. So much has happened since I posted last- I think I'll just post some pictures to highlight the last six months (most recent pics first).

Brandi making a funny face- Hollywood sign in the background.

California Adventures!

Mouse ears!

Tower of Terror

Skating in Cincinnati on Thanksgiving.

Petting a penguin at the Cincinnati Zoo- a dream come true.

Elephant- Cincinnati Zoo.

Smokey Mountains.

Smoky Mountains.

Relaxing on an island in the Chattahoochee River.


Rainbow over Monticello.

Connecticut state capitol.

Hartford skyline from Bushnell Park.

Independence Hall

Independence Hall

There was no way I was waiting in line to see the Liberty Bell... so I just looked through the window.

Tomb of Martin Luther King Jr. in Atlanta.

Freedom Tower in NYC.

The Statue of Liberty. Duh.

Iceland- Snaefellsnes Penninsula

Reykjavik graffiti.

Napoleon being a geyser.

Hiking on the coast.


Icelandic horses (not ponies).


Thingvellir National Park- site of the world's first parliament.


Whale watching!

Blue Lagoon.

View from Hallgrimskirkja tower.

Reykjavikers love a hip mural.

Sunset over Georgetown and the Potomac from the Kennedy Center.

Lincoln Memorial.

Man on a mission.

Vietnam War Memorial and the Washington Monument.

Jumbo Slice- one of my favorite things about DC!

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Big O!

The best word to describe Omaha is cute. It's not big, but it's far from little. It's clean, people are friendly and helpful, there's a lot of green space, some cool neighborhoods, and a world class zoo.


Like Buffalo, there are sculptures of Bison all over Omaha, but unlike Buffalo, Bison actually once lived in here.

There are reminders of Omaha's pioneer heritage around every corner- this was my favorite.

Blown glass sculpture at the Joslyn Art Museum.

My favorite tree.

I guess this is a bench- a bit frightening if you ask me.

At the zoo! Apparently lemurs look like they just fell out of a tree and died when they sleep.

The jellyfish exhibit... really cool.